Discount Rp 25,000

CIMB Clicks,
Promotion date : 13/02/2018 - 31/07/2018

Program period: February 13- July 31, 2018.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Discount Rp 25.000 per transaction, minimum purchase of Rp 150.000, using Virtual Card Number (VCN) from CIMB Clicks as the payment method.
  2. Discount applies for all product categories at except 'Olahraga dan Aktivitas Luar Ruang', 'Kamera', 'Fashion Pria', 'Tiket & Voucher' and 'Galeri Indonesia' category.
  3. Discount only valid every Tuesday, during the program period.
  4. Discount applies for first 100 transactions, every week.
  5. Discount applies by using different promo code each week. Promo code will be updated each month, during program period.
  6. Use the below promo code to enjoy the discount:

           March 13,  2018: VCN-1303

           March 20,  2018: VCN-2003

           March 27,  2018: VCN-2703

            April 03, 2018: VCN-0304  

          April 10, 2018: VCN-1004

          April 17, 2018: VCN-1704

          April 14, 2018: VCN-2404

*) Note: Promo code will be updated each month.

  1. 1 (one) Blibli account/user ID could only use 1x (one time) promo code, each week.
  2. Discount cannot be exchanged with cash and not valid for multiple discounts.
  3. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
  4. This promotion applies for all CIMB Niaga customers, including Syaria customers with payment using Virtual Cards Number (VCN) from CIMB Clicks.
  5. CIMB Niaga may change the terms and conditions with prior notice.


Get the discount by following the below steps:

  1. Login before start shopping.
  2. Click ‘beli sekarang’ to the product you wish to buy.
  3. Click ‘shopping bag’ at the upper right corner, click ‘lanjutkan pembayaran’.
  4. Re-check your total product, price and detail delivery address at ‘shopping bag’. Click’ lanjutkan pembayaran’ and select payment method with ‘Kartu VCN CIMB Niaga’
  5. Include the valid Promo Code at “Voucher” section, at ‘Masukkan kode voucher/promo ID/ kupon ID’ column, and click "Gunakan” to confirm.
  6. The total amount will be reduced accordingly.
  7. To continue click ‘bayar sekarang’.
  8. Include 16 digits of your VCN number and the validity period.
  9. You will receive a security code (CVC2) that will be sent by SMS to the registered mobile number at VCN.
  10. Include 3 digits of the security code (CVC2) to process the payment.
  11. Payment completed.


Create VCN by following the below steps:

  1. Login to your CIMB Clicks account.
  2. Go to the Isi Ulang Prabayar menu then select Jenis Pembelian, Virtual Card Number.
  3. Put in your VCN spending limit (minimum Rp 10,000, maximum Rp 10.000.000).
  4. Enter mPin - done. VCN is set.
  5. Details of VCN Number, validity period and CVC2 number will be sent via SMS to registered mobile phone in CIMB Clicks.



  1. The availability, quality, type, price, suitability, time and process delivery of goods and/or services provied by Merchant to Customers are fully remain as Merchant’s responsibility.
  2. Any transaction data or instructions given by a Customer by CIMB Clicks/VCN/Rekening Ponsel remain fully as Customer’s responsibility.
  3. All claims for return, exchange, and/or refund of goods/services are determined fully as Merchant’s responsibility and must be directed by Customers to the Merchant.
  4. Further information related to payment for online shopping using CIMB Clicks/VCN/Rekening Ponsel, Customers may visit or contact Phone Banking 14041.

How To Use Promotion

Untuk belanja online melalui CIMB Clicks:

  1. Pastikan Anda sudah melakukan registrasi layanan CIMB Clicks
  2. Pilih pembayaran dengan CIMB Clicks di saat melakukan proses checkout belanja online
  3. Masukkan User ID
  4. Pilih rekening sumber dana dan pastikan detail transaksi sudah benar
  5. Konfirmasikan transaksi dengan memasukkan 6 digit paycode yang dikirimkan ke nomor ponsel Anda

Untuk transaksi pada CIMB Clicks

  1. Pastikan Anda sudah melakukan registrasi layanan CIMB Clicks
  2. Login dengan memasukkan User ID, memastikan secure word sudah benar dan masukkan password CIMB Clicks Anda
  3. Pilih jenis transaksi yang diinginkan
  4. Masukkan detail transaksi dan pastikan data sudah benar
  5. Konfimasi transaksi dengan memasukkan 6 digit MPIN yang dikirimkan ke nomor ponsel Anda.
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