Nasi Lengko H Barno 30% Cashback Program Using QRIS OCTO Mobile

Periode Program: 1 Jul 2024 - 31 Dec 2024

Program Terms and Conditions :

  1. Program Period July, 1st-December, 31st 2024
  2. 30% cashback (maximum IDR 10,000) per transaction at Nasi Lengko H Barno using QRIS OCTO Mobile as a payment method.
  3. Promo cannot be cashed, does not apply to multiples, and cannot be combined with other promotions.
  4. Promo is valid every day during the program period at Nasi Lengko H Barno located on Jl. Pagongan No.15B, Kota Cirebon
  5. One customer can get a maximum of 1x cashback/day, 2x/week or 2x/month per OCTO Mobile account during the period.
  6. Cashback is only given for QRIS OCTO Mobile transactions from OCTO Pay funding sources on CIMB Niaga static EDC / QR machines.
  7. The maximum QRIS limit determined by Bank Indonesia is IDR 10,000,000,-
  8. Cashback will be credited in real time or a maximum of 1×24 hours to the OCTO Pay balance registered on the Customers OCTO Mobile.
  9. CIMB Niaga and Fritto Chicken can make changes to the terms and conditions of the program at any time, and/or end this program with prior notification.
  10. CIMB Niaga & Merchant has the right to cancel cashback benefits if there are indications of abuse, fraud, manipulation or non-compliance with the applicable program terms & conditions.


Transaction steps with QRIS OCTO Mobile :

  1. Enter the OCTO Mobile Application, then Login
  2. Select the Pay QRIS menu
  3. Then scan the QR with the appropriate nominal value
  4. Confirm payment
  5. Enter the OCTO Mobile PIN
  6. The payment process has been completed.



  1. CIMB Niaga & Merchants reserve the right to cancel cashback benefits if there is any indication of misuse, fraud, manipulation, or non-compliance with the applicable terms & conditions of the program.
  2. The availability, quality, type, price, suitability, timing, and delivery process of goods and/or services provided by the Merchant to the Customer are entirely the responsibility of the Merchant.
  3. Any data and transaction instructions made by the Customer using QRIS OCTO Mobile are entirely the responsibility of the Customer.
  4. All claims for returns or exchanges are the sole responsiblity of the Merchant and must be directly made by the Customer to the Merchant.
  5. For further information on how to make online purchases using OCTO Mobile, Customers can visit the website or contact Phone Banking 14041.

How to Use Promotion